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Our Favourite Websites

Science Chandra X-Ray Observatory - NASA(named after Prof. S.Chandrasekhar)
Live from Black Holes - NASA
The world of Prof. Stephen Hawking
Technical sites on software The Java site - Sun Microsystems
JEE overview
JEE tutorial
Tutorial on HTML
GoldWave - Sound processing software (converts sound files to every known format)
Music Bengali songs
Music India Online
Indian melodies
Create your own CD online - from HMV
Religious organisation The Ramakrishna mission site
Indian Railways Indian Railway online
Southern Railway - Live tracking of trains on the net, for the first time in Indian Railways
News Indiatimes - The Times group site
Anandabazar - the favourite of all Bengalis
MSN India
City guides
Kolkata, a comprehensive guide
Best of Bangalore - 360 degree views and much more
Times City - Comprehensive City guide from TIMES of INDIA
Online Stores
More of Bengali books at Bharat books
A comprehensive Bengali store, the only site that charges in Indian Rs
Cooking The finest collection of Bengali recipes on the net

My Educational institutions

Jadavpur University, Kolkata
Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai

Other institutions

Software Engineering Institute - Carnegie Mellon University
Alumni sites Alumni Listing - Jadavpur University
IIT Chennai Alumni Association
Portal on Batchmates

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